Elizabeth and her dogs Archer and Tootsie

Elizabeth and her dogs Archer and Tootsie

Elizabeth Strauss

Owner and Organizer Elizabeth has loved getting people organized since the third grade. She is non-judgmental, loves helping clients declutter and only sees potential in spaces.

Her passions outside of organizing wonderful clients include trying to see every national park in the next 8 years (she has seen 12 out of 58 in the last two years), volunteering with Therapy Pet Pals of Texas with her dog Archer, and spending time with her family. When she was little, Elizabeth wanted to live in an RV with 100 dogs and sell her art at the flea market ... not much has changed.


Mary Anderson

Owner and Organizer Mary Anderson is a phenomenal organizer both in the physical space and the head space. Her passion for organizing came after years of living in chaos with hectic schedules, cluttered environment and disordered thoughts.  

Mary has a shared love of national parks and she strives to see them all with her son before he turns 18 (13 years and 40 parks to go).  She is an active t-ball mom, listening partner, and aspires to own a VW bus in the Pacific North West.


Sidney Nanton

All organized has an amazing Operations Manager in the form of Sidney. Sidney manages our social media, email request, sets appointments and keeps our organizers...well organized.

Sidney is an author working to publish her first book, she hails from Dallas but resides in The Woodlands with her cat Whiskey. We are thrilled to have Sidney on our team!