About our Organizers in Houston, the woodlands, and greater houston, TX

In-home organizing is a tricky task, so why not give our team a call. Allow our organizer in Houston, The Woodlands, Greater Houston Area, TX, to be your ally in removing the clutter around your home. At All Organized, we will help you love the place you call home. We help organize everything from kitchens and pantries to clothes and toys. When you need help downsizing in Houston, The Woodlands, Greater Houston Area, TX, our exceptional team will handle it all.

Learn more about each organization specialist in Houston, The Woodlands, Greater Houston Area,, TX, on our team below. We are a group of friendly, helpful and nonjudgmental individuals who will assist with all of your downsizing, organization, and moving needs.

Elizabeth Strauss

  • Co-owner and founding member of All Organized
  • Encouraging people to tidy up their lives since the 3rd grade
  • Loves all dogs and a great man named Troy
  • Finds humor in any situation and has an endless arsenal of references to The Office
  • Professional wedding reception dancer

Mary Anderson

  • Co-owner of All Organized and way more than a sidekick
  • Encouraging people to “dig deep” on their motivations since high school
  • Loves her sweet boy, Kaden, and asking questions
  • Equal parts silly and serious

Rhonda Muldoon

  • The glue that holds this company together
  • Logistics Coordinator Level: Grand Master
  • Can and will drive a 0 point turn mower in heels and a dress
  • Proud Pearl Girl
  • Patience deeper than the Marianas Trench

Danielle Miller

  • Photographer extordinaire
  • Proof that the greatest things come in small packages
  • Strongest person we know
  • Amazing mom to both humans and dogs/cat


Colleen Doyle

  • Loves Organizing Pantry's
  • Once Wrestled a Badger and won
  • Loves spending time outdoors
  • Will never turn you down for a sushi burrito

Amy Coffman-Welton

  • Associate Organizer and dedicated educator at All Organized
  • The leader of the Jones State Forest Protection committee
  • Aspiring world traveler
  • Relaxed and inquisitive with a sharp wit
  • Proud mom of two boys
  • Garage Beast
  • Aggie Grad and Aggie Proud


Brittany Wallace

  • Loves dogs, in particular her two dogs Eli my 9 year old lab mix and Grizzly my 8 month old Yorkie
  •  I moved 14 times in 4 different states before graduating high school
  •  I'm passionate about helping people, and animals
  •  I'm proud of my younger brother who is currently serving in our US Coast Guard
  • Loves building relationships with seniors

Itza Allen

  •  I grew up in NYC, so I am your typical City girl.
  • My husband and I decided to move to Houston, TX... 2 years ago and we love it here.
  • We have a 4 year old dog named Niko that we are smitten by.
  • To my family and friends I am the organize queen so I am thrilled to be apart of a team that is willing to go above and beyond to help others live an organized and stress free life.
  • Is helping us grow this business in so many ways


Andre Ross

  • Strongest Person we Know
  • Very Hard Worker
  • Likes The Texans and The Ravens
  • Loves learning new things and making other people's life less stressful

Chad Mrazek

  • Professional Bass Fisherman
  • Van Driver Level: Expert
  • Has an amazing Chocolate Lab
  • Love organizing garages because he loves being outdoors
  • Loves helping seniors because he is wise and knows one day as a senior he might needs some help

Mitzi Leach

  • From Hebbronville, TX (way south Texas)
  • Proud Texas Tech Alum
  • Loves her husband Bryan and their two daughters
  • Enjoys organizing offices and craft rooms - how dynamic!
  • Loves helping seniors transition from one stage of life


  • Has lived in London
  • Is a certified Life Coach

Terry Cogan

  • I love science fiction and forced my kids to go to Star Trek movies
  • The beach is my happy place
  • Yellow roses are my favorite flower
  • I border on OCD!  So being organized is also a happy place for me--and I love being able to find something because it's where it's supposed to be!
  • I love watching baseball - Go Astros!

Future Team Members

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