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How to Plan for the Future When Your Children Leave the Nest

The day your children leave home is a significant change for both them and you. Now that your nest is empty, it may feel like the end of a phase in your life. However, it is also the beginning of a new phase. Though your vacant home may be making you feel sad and wishing you could parent all over again, you are now free to plan for what is to come. After taking some time to adjust, start thinking about what you would like to do next.

Perhaps you have always wanted to go on a cruise, travel the world, or even something as simple as visiting a new restaurant every week. Now is the best time to start doing all of those things you wish you had the time for while raising your children.

Another way to plan is by downsizing your home. Your family home may feel very large and empty now that it is just you and your spouse, so downsizing is a beautiful way to work through the sadness and to decrease the clutter that has been building up for years.

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